It is difficult to find attorneys who are versed in the ethical rules and have experience in Bar cases. Most of us will ask our legal malpractice carriers for a recommendation. It is important for you be aware that the attorneys recommended by insurance companies are are called 'panel attorneys' and to get the recommendations from the insurance companies, the attorneys, of course, comply with the requirements given by the insurer. Those attorneys work on a flat-fee basis for the insurance company (in most cases) and are tasked with saving money for the insurance company, not so much protecting the license of the insured. This should sound familiar, an attorney making the company who pays him happy, of course, to keep having the business funneled to him. We have all seen that this is the case with many types of other legal matters. The last client I had with an ethics complaint hired me after firing her counsel. She dismissed him because he had treated her like a criminal, talked down to her, told her that she would be lucky to keep practicing, and did not give her case proper consideration. Those of us, especially who have practiced in the realm of criminal defense, have seen other attorneys take this tact. If your attorney doesn't believe in you, how could you prevail? It is easy to convince a client to "take a plea" if you have made him or her feel that her situation is hopeless. It is also reprehensible behavior.

A lawyer, especially in a Bar case, is tasked with providing a proper and zealous defense, focusing on every issue, utilizing every tool possible, and working diligently and as meticulously as is humanly possible. I promise if you call me for advice, I will not talk down to you, I will not judge you, and most importantly, my efforts are for you and for your interests, not anyone else's. I will investigate all facts and we will work together as a team to protect the license you worked so hard to obtain.


                                                                                                                                                                 Jeff Rapkin


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