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Yes, it is possible to get divorced in ONE DAY.
This is the "No-Court," "No-Attorney," Mediator-Driven, FAST Divorce.

After 25 years of practice, I have created a unique process. IN ONE DAY: I do it all for you, (everything) all divorce paperwork is completed, filed, and ready for a Final Judgment, "walked through" by me. I take care of everything for you for one low fee and I'll have you divorced fast, sometimes even after only a few days after we've filed. (When I say everything, I mean EVERYTHING, for both you and your spouse, ALL of it, DONE.)


You never set foot in a courtroom. (My quickest was six days.) With my process, you have everything completed, filed, sent to the Judge's Office and ready for Final Judgment in one day. Because I have streamlined the process, it isn't as expensive as you might think. See below for total cost.

Even if you don't have an agreement with your spouse, call me anyway. All consults are free, let me help you.

Call today.

IN MOST CASES, GETTING YOUR DIVORCE IS A LONG, DRAWN OUT, PAINFUL PROCESS. ​MY SYSTEM AVOIDS THAT PROCESS COMPLETELY. If you and your spouse have an agreement between yourselves, my personal guarantee is that I will take care of everything and have a Final Judgment mailed (or emailed) to you as quickly as is possible.

This is NOT like other websites that make false promises. I personally obtain your Final Judgment for you. Think of this as a "mediator/attorney full service process." I take care of everything and I do it at an unbelievably minimal flat-fee cost. (see below)

Some examples of my recent cases where I used my process and I got Final Judgments of Divorce for people. The paperwork was done in a day (or much, much less) and Final Judgments were entered very quickly. See for yourself!

2021-DR-004041SC Filed 08/20/2021, Final Judgment entered 09/01/2021

2021-DR-003861SC Filed 08/10/2021, Final Judgment entered 09/08/2021

2021-DR-003838SC Filed 08/07/2021, Final Judgment entered09/08/2021

2021-DR-003711SC Filed 07/31/2021, Final Judgment entered 08/26/2021

2021-DR-003280SC Filed 07/06/2021, Final Judgment entered 08/26/2021

2021-DR-003125SC Filed 06/26/2021, Final Judgment entered 08/26/2021

2021-DR-002738SC Filed 06/07/2021, Final Judgment entered 06/09/2021

2021-DR-002703SC Filed 06/04/2021, Final Judgment entered 06/14/2021

2021-DR-002220SC Filed 05/10/2021, Final Judgment entered 05/13/2021

2021-DR-002206SC, Filed 05/08/2021, Final Judgment entered 05/13/2021

2021-DR-001962SC Filed 04/26/2021, Final Judgment entered 05/19/2021

2021-DR-002200SC Filed 05/07/2021, Final Judgment entered 05/13/2021

2021-DR-001943SC Filed 04/24/2021, Final Judgment entered 04/29/2021

2021-DR-001678SC Filed 04/10/2021, Final Judgment entered 04/21/2021

2021-DR-000864SC Filed 02/24/2021, Final Judgment entered 03/02/2021

2021-DR-000760SC Filed 02/18/2021 Final Judgment entered 02/27/2021

2021-DR-000567SC Filed 02/08/2021, Final Judgment entered 02/23/2021

2021-DR-000302SC, Filed 01/22/2021, Final Judgment entered 02/08/2021

2020-DR-005405SC, Filed 12/18/2020, Final Judgment entered 01/20/2021

2020-DR-005585SC, filed 12/30/2020, Final Judgment entered 01/07/2021

2020-DR-005087SC, filed 11/28/2020, Final Judgment entered 01/04/2021

2020-DR-005079SC, filed 11/29/2020, Final Judgment entered 12/16/2020

2020-1556DR, filed 11/09/2020, Final Judgment entered on 12/31/2020

2020-DR-004489SC, filed 10/22/2020, Final Judgment entered on 11/13/2020

2020-1416DR, filed 10/13/2020, Final Judgment entered 12/10/2020

2020-DR-003876SC, filed 09/09/2020, Final Judgment entered 10/09/2020

2020-DR-99805SC, filed 2/18/2020, Final Judgment entered 3/17/2020

2019-DR-005758SC, filed 10/26/2019, Final Judgment entered 11/25/2019

2019-DR-006203SC, filed 11/21/2019, Final Judgment entered 12/16/2019

2019-1246DR Filed 08/11/2019, Final Judgment entered 08/27/2019

2019-1118DR Filed 7/17/2019, Final Judgment entered 08/07/2019

2019-1079DR Filed 07/11/2019, Final Judgment entered 08/07/2019

2019-998DR, Filed 06/24/2019, Final Judgment entered 08/07/2019

2019-566DR, Filed 04/17/2019, Final Judgment entered 05/17/2019

2019-663DR, Filed 04/28/2019, Final Judgment entered 06/12/2019

As you can see, with my system obtaining a Final Judgment of Dissolution of Marriage ​can happen pretty quickly, especially where the Legal System is concerned.


In the "normal" divorce, for those people who are NOT using MY system, it can feel like it takes forever. The length of time is due to the regular, slow, dragging and painful regular legal process. No matter how big or small your county may be, no matter how many employees at Court Administration may promise to help, it is ALWAYS SLOW.


My way is not just faster, it is the difference between night and day, the difference between a week (sometimes a day) and a year. I have found a way to defeat the timetable. It may have taken me twenty years to figure it out, but I have. I'm willing to share it with you because no one should be trapped.


STEP ONE: You have a conversation with your spouse and explain that you've a found a quick, inexpensive process to get divorced that does not include going bankrupt on expensive lawyers and does not have you waiting months or sometimes years to get it done. It's usually a couple of weeks (sometimes even days) and you have your Final Judgment. I take care of everything.

STEP TWO: You call me and schedule the appointment. I will need at least a couple of hours with both of you and in that time, we complete everything.

STEP THREE: The three of us, together, complete and E-File the entire divorce. My service is unique and has taken me years to develop. We complete ALL divorce documents, I notarize them and with you sitting right here with me, I file them electronically with the Clerk. Before you leave my office, you receive the Clerk's receipt with proof of filing and PDF copies of all documents.  

STEP FOUR: I send the Final Judgment of Divorce to the Judge, who then signs it and you get a copy in your email.

Total Cost: $1500 (Includes filing fees, notarizations, name change, everything)

That's it. No hidden fees or costs, no lawyers, no going to court, just a Final Judgment. I've completed hundreds of divorces this way, I can do the same for you.

Call today: 941-916-4096


People always ask me: why does THE REGULAR DIVORCE take so long?

The answer is simple:  THIS IS THE "USUAL" DIVORCE PROCESS:

-First the petition is filed.

-Then the petition (and accompanying documents, usually about 12 or 13) is processed by the clerk.

-Then a summons is drafted and issued.

-Then the non-filing spouse is served. (THIS CAN TAKE A LONG TIME)

-Then you wait twenty (20) days for that person to file an answer.

-Then the Court sets a case management conference (usually 90 days)

-Then Mediation is set (you wait another 30 to 90 days.

-How long to get a trial date? (unfathomable)


This ancient, idiotic process, just to get some overworked judge to have a conversation with you, even if you and your spouse agree on everything can take six months to a year.




You and your spouse come to my office and within two hours, your papers are drafted, notarized (by me, no extra charge) and electronically filed with the clerk. You heard me correctly, you walk out of my office with your papers filed and copies in your email directly from the clerk's office. Every single piece of paper needed to get your case completed is in the clerk's office and shortly afterwards, the judge emails you your Final Judgment. You do not have to set foot in a courtroom.

It is a matter of your documents being drafted IN ONE DAY, and a package being submitted to the Court for signature of the Final Judgment, ON THAT VERY SAME DAY.


Q: Do you guarantee that I will have a Final Judgment in one day?

A: Of course not!  Though my end is completed in one day, it may take longer, sometimes up to a week for processing through the Court. There are far too many court and clerk variables to guarantee the length of time it takes to get a Final Judgment. For example, the Judge may be unavailable to sign your Final Judgment because she is in trial and doesn't have the time to read and sign, or is on vacation, or in another county, or even the clerk has a backlog in processing legal documents (pleadings), or for some other unforeseen issue with the Court System.


I GUARANTEE that your Divorce will be READY for FINAL JUDGMENT, ready for a judge's signature in ONE DAY. If you and your spouse have an agreement, I can have your divorce ready for a Judge's signature in one day, usually in just an hour or two. With my system, you don't even need to go to court.

How can I make this guarantee? Because I've been getting people divorced using this method for years.

Q: What if your spouse doesn't have an agreement with you, but you have to file your divorce petition anyway?

A: I can help you. Please call me. At the very least we can talk on the phone. All consults are free.

Q: What if my spouse has filed against me and I need to file an answer?

A: Not to worry, the answer is the same. I can help you. Don't wait too long, a default might be entered against you. Call me.

Q: Aren't attorneys expensive?

A: Yes, they certainly can be. But that's not what I'm offering here. I'm not offering to represent you in a long-drawn out legal battle. I'm offering a "tried and true" previously tested and used (by me) system for your divorce being resolved quickly, easily, and inexpensively.

My System:

Document drafting for you: included

Document drafting for your spouse: included

Fee to notarize documents: included

Clerk's fees: included

Name change for wife: included

Filing your documents for you, preparing the final judgment: included

Total Fee for everything: $1500


Does this sound expensive? Beware false promises you may find elsewhere for a price that's "too good to be true."

Why $1500?

I want you to know everything, I'll explain.

1. The filing fee costs and the "normal" cost of notarizing alone puts the cost over $500, I don't see any of that.

2. The remaining gets you this, from me:

*     An Attorney who will answer your questions

*     You NEVER have to go to a courthouse

*     I will file your papers for you myself

*     I will also draft the closing documents: Final Judgment, Special Interrogatories, etc.

*     If a name change is needed, that's included as well.

And most of all, you know it will be done correctly, according to Florida Law, by an attorney who has been practicing for over twenty years.

If you and your spouse have made an agreement, give me a call and we can complete the process together, quickly and efficiently, and, of course, in one day.

Jeff Rapkin

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