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My Mission

Whether you are involved in what you might feel is the battle of the century, or simply attempting to fill out complicated legal forms, I am here to help you. My philosophy is that the legal system does not have to be frightening, overwhelming, and it is not just for those who have extra money to burn. Justice, the law, and our Courts are meant to be for everyone and the doors of the courthouse should be open for you.

A Note on Attorney's Fees and Pricing:  In many cases, I am able to assess a flat fee for your requirements. This is a one-time fee and is not hourly. Sometimes I have cases that are hourly, too, but I do everything in my power to assess your case at the initial interview in order to give you something called a "flat fee" price for legal service. Very rarely am I unable to give a flat price for each case. I utilize my 20+ years of experience to assess the nature and complexity of your case in order to produce a total cost for your case. Most clients are appreciative of the "no hidden fees" nature of flat fee pricing as once the fee is paid, they are assured (in writing) that there will be no further attorney's fees requested. 

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PROTECT YOUR RIGHTS: Whether having to deal with a Criminal Charge, being sued, or having a spouse serve you with papers, the law exists to protect the Due Process rights of everyone. In certain circumstances it is required that a person assert those rights or their position in the Court system will be hindered or even lost altogether. For example, a person who does not answer a lawsuit may have a "default" issued against them which means that they have agreed with everything the opposition said in the lawsuit! When trouble starts, if you don't talk to me, talk to another lawyer. Assert your rights, protect your rights. 

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