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Local Counsel Making a Difference

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I have been practicing law since 1996. In that time have handled almost every type of case. I am a trial attorney, like my father before me, (he's a retired Judge now) and it is my deepest belief that preparation is the key to success. When working a client's case, I have always found that the client themselves is the most important factor in being prepared. In this, I am not working so much for my clients as I am working with them and our teamwork is the key to achieving the best possible result. While working together I will ensure that you understand every aspect of your case, and I will look to you as we prepare and employ the best strategy.

Also, since 1996, I have focused my practice on South Sarasota County, (North Port, Venice, Englewood) and in Charlotte County, (Port Charlotte, Punta Gorda) because knowing the local rules and having experience with the local Judges is necessary to choosing the best strategy and predicting outcomes for each particular case. I grew up in Sarasota, came back after school, and have been here ever since. My family and I live in North Port, equal distance to both Punta Gorda and Venice Courthouses. I have raised my children here and my wife and I can both remember when North Port had little to no stores or restaurants and only had a Winn-Dixie for grocery shopping. (And now look at the place!)


We have grown with the community and I am proud of our accomplishments. Over these past many years, I have had experiences which help me to best represent my clients. I have worked for the Sarasota Sheriff’s Office as a Corrections Officer, I've has been an adjunct professor for Manatee Community College, worked as an Assistant Public Defender for both the Public Defender’s Office in the 12th and 20th Circuits, I have worked for the Attorney General’s office. I have also been Certified by the Department of Children and Families to conduct Assessments and Facilitate the Certified Batterer’s Intervention Programs. I have also received authorization from DCF to teach the Mandatory Parenting Class Pursuant to F.S. 61.21, have completed parenting coordinator training, and I am a Supreme Court Certified Circuit Civil and Family Mediator.  Meet with me to discuss your case and it will be my pleasure to put my knowledge and experience to work for you.

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 Jeffrey A. Rapkin, Esq.

18245 Paulson Dr. 

Port Charlotte, Fl. 33954


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