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For Developmentally Disabled Young Adults (Autism, Down's Syndrome, etc.)


My name is Jeff Rapkin. I have been a lawyer since 1996. My oldest daughter is Autistic and not only is the world unfair to her, but many parents like us have obstacles that most others couldn't imagine. If you are like me and have a developmentally-disabled child, you are aware that all the doors close in your face as soon as your child turns 18.

            After 18, you need a Court-Ordered Guardianship to protect your child but the legal system somehow thinks that everyone can afford an attorney to obtain guardianship. Most lawyers want a "$5,000 Retainer" and "$300/hour" to obtain guardianship protection for Developmentally-Disabled Children. Who has that? Society thinks we can all afford that $5,000 retainer. It is simply ridiculous.

            Our developmentally disabled children who have turned 18 years old have become adults in the eyes of the law. They are especially vulnerable to criminals in our society who would take advantage.

            Once our developmentally-disabled children become 18 years old, it's a disaster. The doctors won't talk to us anymore because of HIPPA, the schools won't talk to us, and never mind Social Security even having a conversation with us about benefits.

            Trying to get a Guardian Advocacy Petition put through the Court System can be very difficult. If a single step is missed or a procedure is skipped, it may result with the Court throwing your case back. If your case gets rejected, the Court will not tell you what you did wrong. The Court is not allowed to give legal advice. The Clerks and Court Administrators are not allowed to answer your legal questions and they will not guide you. If you call an attorney, chances are that it will be $300/hour just to have a conversation. It is so frustrating when you are blocked from something desperately needed.

            It's been like this for quite some time and I have been working on a solution.

            I have developed a system to help parents like us and it's designed to make the process easier than anyone could think possible.




Simply put, my system is an application of my own creation and teamwork: it works because we accomplish the mission together, My system is unique, organized, and fast. Your papers are ready and filed in less than an hour, while you wait, watch, and help. This inexpensive method works ONLY because we work together as a team. I can't do it without you.


What is a Guardian Advocacy?


Don't let the terminology confuse you. In almost every regard, a Guardian Advocate has the same rights, duties, and obligations as a Guardian, but was created for individuals like my daughter who are developmentally disabled. It was created for people with Down's Syndrome, Autism, etc.


Legal Definition: “Guardian advocate” means a person appointed without an adjudication of incapacity by a written order of the court to represent a person with developmental disabilities. Sections 393.12 and 744.3085, F.S.  The person with developmental disabilities must lack the capacity to do some, but not all, of the tasks necessary to care for his or her person, property, or estate.


If you are the Guardian Advocate of your (adult) child, you are your child's Guardian.


Once the order naming you as Guardian Advocate is granted, you are once again the parent of your disabled child who has become eighteen years of age or older. You can resume parenting as you always have.


Once you become Guardian Advocate, you can apply and speak (on behalf of your disabled child) with any State or Federal Government Agency, Doctors, Schools, whatever you need to continue parenting and protecting your child. Remember the terms: you are the Guardian Advocate. The Ward is your developmentally-disabled child who has become 18 or over.


Do I have to go to Court?


Yes, there is a Court date. You will not be alone. I will be there and I will take care of everything.


Not only do you need to go before a Judge, but these kinds of cases (like any Court case) can be very difficult, complicated, confusing, and scary. Don't worry, I will not only take care of everything, I will teach you everything you need to know so you can main your guardian advocacy orders and file your annual reports. (I have a populating form for that, too, no need to worry.)


I have spent years working towards creation of this process. I have created a method for parents like us to get a Guardian Advocacy quickly, easily, and most important, affordably.


It's one low, flat fee for anything and everything. There are no hidden fees, costs, or "by the hour." You get a receipt from me that says "paid in full for guardian advocacy." You also get detailed instructions and forms for the future, created by me.


From beginning to end, I will take care of everything. The whole process takes about a month. I will answer all your questions and take care of everything. Call if you'd like to learn more!


                                                                                                Jeff Rapkin

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