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Information and links

On this page, you will find links to some important websites which may be of assistance to you. 

* Florida Supreme Court's Family Forms: (Or more specifically the Family Forms on the Florida Supreme Court's Website): The Florida Supreme Court has forms for Family cases ranging from Divorce (called Petition for Dissolution of Marriage) to Step-Parent Adoption and Paternity. (there are lots of them!) The same forms you can purchase at your local Clerk's office as a "packet" (often for about $30 or so) are the same ones you get here, but you have to pick and choose them for yourself. The only difference is on this website, they are free. From the website, you download them and print them yourself, of course. The link to the Florida Supreme Court's ( Family forms page is here: 

* Fl. Bar's Public Information WebPages: Link to a page containing extensive information, pamphlets on laws, and guides all courtesty of the Florida Bar.

* Clerk's Offices: A link to All of the Clerk's Offices throughout the State of Florida: "State Of" This is a site that has a link to ALL of the clerk's offices in the State of Florida and their addresses, and links to some other useful information as well. It is not a website run by the government of the State of Florida, but that doesn't make a difference as it is filled with a great deal of useful information on not only a full listing of all of the clerk's websites but businesses, Public Records, Permitting, and much more.  Here is the link to's page with all of the Clerk's webpages INVALUABLE!!!! Link to all of the clerk's webpages is here: 

* FLORIDA STATUTES: "Online Sunshine:" This Website has all of the Statutes of the State of Florida, is provided by Florida's Legislature (lawmakers) and is in an easy to search format. The link directly to the Statutes (laws) can be found here: 

* This is the "Official Portal of the State of Florida," which has links to all of the Government Sites of the State of Florida, including (but not limited to) tax sites, Sheriff's sites, Child Support, even links to Federal Government sites. It is a very handy central hub if you are looking for a link to another governmental entity's site.

* Florida Corporations: Department of State, Division of Corporations, also known as "Sunbiz" can be used for everything from researching a company to filing articles of incorporation and starting your own. 

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