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Supreme Court Certified Family and Circuit Civil Mediator

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ONE DAY DIVORCE: For one low, flat, fee, I take care of everything for you. Whether we meet in person, Facetime, Zoom, I take care of every single piece of paper both you and your spouse need to get divorced. We do the entire divorce package in one day. We complete your papers together and I get you a Final Judgment, FAST. Go to the Clerk's website (SC cases are Sarasota County) and see for yourself! Click Here to learn more.

If you found the mountains of paperwork needed to do the papers or navigating the Court system to be difficult, I can help. 

For a flat fee of $1500 (everything is included) I do it all for you and you never have to set foot in a courtroom. When I say everything is included, that's what I mean, Parenting Plan, Marital Settlement Agreement, Parenting classes, filing fees, whatever is needed is included.  Click here to learn more.

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