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Yes, it is possible to get divorced in ONE DAY.

This is the "no-court" FAST Divorce.



For the "normal" divorce, it can feel like it takes forever. The length of time is due to the regular, slow, dragging and painful regular legal process. No matter how big or small your county may be, it is ALWAYS SLOW.


My way is not just faster, it is the difference between night and day. The difference between a week (sometimes even a day) and a year.


I have found a way to defeat the timetable. It's not too good to be true it has taken me an agonizing twenty years to figure out how to do it.  


I'm willing to share it with you because I believe everyone has a right to move forward with life.




People always ask me: why does the "USUAL" divorce take so long? 

The answer is simple:  IT'S THE PROCESS!!!! 


-First the petition is filed.

-Then the petition (and accompanying documents, usually about 12 or 13) is processed by the clerk.

-Then a summons is drafted and issued.

-Then the non-filing spouse is served. (THIS CAN TAKE A LONG TIME)

-Then you wait twenty (20) days for that person to file an answer.

-Then the Court sets a case management conference (usually 90 days)

-Then Mediation is set (you wait another 30 to 90 days.

-How long to get a trial date? (unfathomable)


This ancient, idiotic process, just to get some overworked judge to have a conversation with you, even if you and your spouse agree on everything can take six months to a year, EVEN LONGER! 

With my process, you will be ready for a FINAL JUDGMENT in two hours, sometimes even less.

With my process, you don't even have to set foot in a courtroom.



STEP ONE: You and your spouse have come to an agreement on everything. (I mean it! I can't have folks arguing in my office.) I STRONGLY suggest that you and your spouse write down the particulars on any piece of paper. It doesn't have to be complicated. It can be as simple as: "Husband gets the teapot, Wife gets the lawnmower, Husband gets the Toyota Prius, Wife gets the Ford F150," and so on. 


If you and your spouse manage to write it all down, then both of you date it, sign it, and take a picture of it with your smartphone. 


I KNOW that a scrap of paper isn't some kind of legal document, but it helps people iron out all the issues to write it all down. 

STEP TWO: You and your spouse come to my office and within two hours (or even less), your papers are drafted, notarized (by me, no extra charge) and electronically filed with the clerk.


You heard me correctly! You walk out of my office with your papers filed and copies in your email directly from the Clerk's office. Every single piece of paper needed to get your case to a Final Judgment of Dissolution of Marriage is done with me, in one short meeting. 


The Judge emails you your Final Judgment. You do not have to set foot in a courtroom. 

It is a matter of your documents being drafted IN ONE DAY, and a package being submitted to the Court for signature on the Final Judgment, ON THAT VERY SAME DAY.


Q: Do you guarantee that I will have a Final Judgment in one day?

A: Of course not!  Though my end is completed in an hour or two, for the Judge to sign it may take longer, sometimes up to a week (or maybe a little longer) for processing through the Court. There are far too many Court and Clerk variables to guarantee the length of time it takes to get a Final Judgment. For example, the Judge may be unavailable to sign your Final Judgment because she is in trial and doesn't have the time to read and sign, or is on vacation, or in another county, or even the clerk has a backlog in processing legal documents (pleadings), or for some other unforeseen issue with the Court System. Rest assured, if there is a delay, it isn't on our end, because we do EVERYTHING in that one meeting and we do it together.


I GUARANTEE that your Divorce will be READY for FINAL JUDGMENT, ready for a judge's signature in ONE DAY. If you and your spouse have an agreement, I can have your divorce ready for a Judge's signature in one day. With my system, you don't even need to go to court.

How can I make this guarantee? Because I've been getting people divorced in one day for YEARS. On a regular basis, people come to me, I use a document completion system of my own design, (yes I had to learn some html and javascript) and the headache's worth of forms and documents needed to complete the divorce are finished quickly, sometimes even less than an hour. 

Q: What if your spouse doesn't have an agreement with you, but you have to file your divorce petition anyway? 

A: This is a service I provide as well, of course at a reduced cost, seeing as your spouse's documents will not be drafted. 

Q: What if my spouse has filed against me and I need to file an answer?

A: Not to worry, the answer is the same. I can have your response completed in an hour and at a reduced cost. 

Q: Aren't attorneys expensive?

A: Yes, they certainly can be. But that's not what I'm offering here. I'm not offering to represent you in a long-drawn out legal battle. I'm offering a "tried and true" previously tested and used (by me) system for your divorce being resolved quickly, easily, and inexpensively.


Q: How does it work?

A: If you and your soon-to-be ex-spouse have agreed on all matters, send me an email, give me a call. I will meet with you and work around your schedule.


This is NOT the "fly by night" divorce package being offered on the internet. I am a lawyer and this is MY process.


Beware of advertisements from individuals who may NOT be attorneys offering to do the same thing for a few hundred dollars. I ensure that everything is correct, legal and proper.  I ensure that your documents are correct and that they will be processed correctly and expeditiously, as my name (and reputation) is on the documents.

Okay, how much?

Document drafting for you: included

Document drafting for your spouse: included

Fee to notarize documents: (as much as $15 per document): included

Clerk's fee: (usually about five hundred dollars, give or take depending on the office, ($500): included 

Filing your documents for you, preparing the final judgment: included

Total Fee for everything needed to get divorced: $1500


Does this sound expensive? Beware false promises you may find elsewhere for a price that's "too good to be true."

Why $1500?

With my process you gain:

*     An Attorney who will answer your questions 

*     You NEVER have to go to a courthouse

*     I will file your papers for you myself

*     I will also draft the closing documents: Final Judgment, Special Interrogatories, etc. 

*     If a name change is needed, that's included as well.

And most of all, you know it will be done correctly, according to Florida Law, by an attorney who has been practicing for over twenty years. 

Those who have used attorneys know that this is a bargain. I have to cover my own costs, too: rent, utilities, phone, insurance, etc. Ask your friends who have gone through the ​process, they will tell you. It's much better to do it this way. A divorce case can very easily spiral out of control, even if the spouses agree on everything.

​For $1500, does this sound too good to be true? It's not. You will be very tired when we are finished, both mentally and physically. Getting everything completed in one day is sometimes very tiring. Don't forget the "regular" divorce usually takes about six months to a year.

If you and your spouse have made an agreement, give me a call and we can complete the process together, quickly and efficiently, and, of course, in one day. 

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